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in penn quarters because my friend is there, steve lucas. it is like addictive. it is almost like crack or something. you start and you can't stop. it is so good. >> well, j.c., if you think that's good, guess what i'm going to blow your mind with. >> not that i've had crack. never had any crack. i'm going by what they tell me. this is so good. >> we're doing our ice cream festival right now. >> you are? >> at national harbor and our d.c. rosa mexicana locations. i have something very special. our dessert, our guacamole that we do tableside. dessert version. >> dessert version? what is this? >> we have this sweet avocado vanilla-based ice cream. i have the preparations here. we're going to fold that in. so, i'm going to mix the ice cream. ask you to fold in some of this. some of these ingredients. >> if i can stop eating the regular guacamole. >> let's add the strawberries in. >> what flavor is that? >> avocado. >> i don't know if i'm going to like that. >> it is going to blow your mind. add in the white chocolate. >> white chocolate. >> ok. >> we've got the white chocolate. >> this is
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1